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Website Critics

As seen from the website,, the webpage of the organization, Children’s Aid Society, is actually informative in a way that if there are people who want to know more about their organization, they can easily get all the information by reading their webpage. The webpage provide all sorts of information to the people in a very short and direct way that allow people to know about their organization as soon as they read the information provided on the web.

Another good point about the webpage is that they sort their information neatly under the navigational button so that people do not have to waste their time looking for the piece of information that they want.

Even though that the webpage is good and useful, there are still room for improvement. It might be better if the administration of the webpage were to put up more photos for the people to view. For examples, they can include more photos on how exactly the environment of the home is like or maybe photos that were taken during programs to let the people have a rough idea on how their programs are like and how the children over there enjoy it.


Introduction and History of Children’s Aid Society

The Children’s Aid Society is registered under the Societies Act and manages the Melrose Home. Executive Committee is elected from among other members to be the governing body for the Home.

The Children’s Aid Society is actually counted as one of the oldest philanthropic organizations in Singapore. The organization was being formed back then during the late 1890s as the St Nicholas Home. Its present name, Melrose Home, was established during 1902.

Melrose Home provides a supportive environment for children aged between 4 to 18 years old. It is actually a home-like place for the children and teenagers who need extra care and protection. These children who stay in the Melrose Home are usually those whose parents or family members are unable to provide care or to supervise them.

The Home is situated in an elevated place with extensive grounds that include a playground, basketball court and football field. It has the capacity to provide quality residential care for 40 children and 25 teenagers.

Their Mission:

A professional and progressive charity to nurture, motivate and develop young persons in the need of care.

Their Objectives:

–          To provide a safe, supportive and stimulating environment for their residents

–          To provide opportunities for all their residents to develop their talents

–          To optimize the full capacity of Melrose

–          To ensure efficient and effective management of our resources

–          To offer a family mentoring service

–          To identify and respond to the changing needs of Singapore


What Children’s Aid Society Provide

The Children’s Aid Society actually carry out various programs to help the children and teenagers that stays in the Home.


Residential Care

Main function of the Melrose Home is the residential care program. Dedicated staff at the Home provides safety and security and also nurturing care and support to their residents in a homely setting. They ensure that their residents’ needs are met and their interest protected.


Academic Guidance and Support

The children will attend kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the neighbourhood. The Home will collaborates closely with the neighbourhood schools so as to monitor the children’s academic development. The staff, together with the volunteers and paid tutors provide academic guidance and tutorial support for the children’s educational progress.


Aftercare and Mentoring

The Home provides aftercare program when a child leaves the Home to return to their family. Social workers will maintain contact with the child, make home visits and collaborate closely with the teachers or counselors in school to monitor the child’s development. The Home also set up the “Melrose Club” in 2009 to offer continued mentoring and support to the discharged children.


Propose of New Media and Ways of Promoting

In order to let more people to know about this caring organization, they should not just promote themselves through the Internet. They should also go into advertising so that more people will know about the organization.

Advertisement of the Children’s Aid Society can be put up on newspapers or through radios and televisions. Most of the people will be coming across to these media more in their daily life as compared to the Internet, therefore, it will definitely increase their awareness of the organization to more people.


Evaluation of Similar Website

The other website used for comparison is The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore. These two website is similar in a way that both web pages provided similar information and these information were being arranged neatly such that they were being categorized under different navigation buttons. At the Homepage of both website, they provided few pictures for people to look at.








The Digital Newspaper


As the improvement of technologies get greater, more digital options are being exposed to people. For example, from a normal mobile phone that everyone is using to a smartphone like iPhone then to a newer and bigger version, the iPad. These improvement in technologies never fail to attract people on buying and using it. And because of these great inventions, things that we do normally do become digitalized also. An example of this is the way of reading the newspaper. Reading a newspaper is no longer just holding on to it and read. The reason I chose this topic is because I think that it’s amazing how new media technologies can actually make a change in our daily life including simple things like reading the newspaper and I would like to share my opinions on this.


The on-the-go mobile apps

These iPad apps for newspaper reading create a much more convenient way of reading to the people especially to those working people, not only the convenient way of reading that people is looking for but also the features that the apps provided. It’s normal that we always see people reading newspapers on the train, bus or any other public transport. But now, instead of just reading the newspaper, they can now save and download the articles, get hold of past news easily and share the news to other through emails, Twitter and Facebook.


Different features of reading a “newspaper”

The Wall Street Journal

–          Free download ($17.29/month to access all contents)

–          Central place at start screen to explore different news

–          Easy access to saved stories

–          Provide more up-to-date news

–          Provide multiple editions of the news

–          Not that easy to read

–          Easy to use

USA Today for iPad

–          Free download

–          Nicely laid out, easy to navigate.

–          Clean, easy to read.

–          Different section to read from (e.g: News and headlines, Money, Sports and Life)

–          Word cross games based on highlights of news.

–          Able to access to snapshots polls.

–          Easy to update sections for offline reading.

–          Able to share news with friends through email, Twitter and Facebook

Financial Times iPad Edition

–          Free download

–          Have to pay to get access of all contents (More complicated process)

–          Normal newspaper layout

–          Provide a video section on news

–          Able to customize your own space (re-order features to make the sections you are most interested in appear first)

–          Easy and fast to update sections for offline reading.

–          Able to share news with friends through email, Twitter and Facebook

–          Provide only highlights of news from their own newspaper.

–          Simple newspaper layout without images

–          Content is limited

–          Able to share news with friends through email, Twitter and Facebook

The New York Times – Editors’ Choice

–          Provide only highlights of news from their own newspaper.

–          Simple newspaper layout without images

–          Content is limited

–          Able to share news with friends through email, Twitter and Facebook


Overview of the apps

All the four apps that were provided for people to read their “portable newspaper” have their own effective features and also room for further improvements. According to the writer of the article on, it is mentioned that if only the different effective features from all these apps combine together that will produce a very good app that allow people to read their newspapers using iPad.



As the improvements of these apps get greater and greater each day, we’ll surely get to see more people using the apps for newspaper reading. So my conclusion is, these apps that were being introduced to people for reading newspapers on their iPads are effective to a certain extent. It’s good that you can actually download a particular article for offline reading and also save the article so that you can read it next time. It would be much more convenient compared to digging out old newspaper just for the article that you want to read. It’s easy to access plus you can share it with people on Twitter and Facebook and let more people be aware of the particular news.


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